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    I am trying to post a question on this forum, and can't figure it out.
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    RE: trying to ask a question for comments

    Look for new thread.
  3. Ricci

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    RE: trying to ask a question for comments

    Please help!! We live in Namibia- Africa and have no qualified Allison technitions here.. Now we have this small truck Allison AT545 with gearbox nr. 82C27 and this truck have not been running for 8 years... somehow water accumulated in the gearbox over the years and the gearbox was overhouled by us with all new clutches.. now we have a problem... reverse gear works well... but one, two, three, drive and neutral seems to be connected in one gear- like drive. Where should we start looking for the problem? We have some ideas of what it could be but dont want to go on to much taking it apart and reassembling as to later have other damage of new parts... we have ideas like Could it be something stuck in the valvebody or could it be maybe the governor or alternatevely the kickdown swich on the outside connected to the accelarator cable? Please help.. I've been looking for a workshop manual for this transmission but finding the correct info and books seems impossible!!!! I will greatly appreciate any help with this problem that is giving my dad so many grey hair for the last 3 months!!!
    Nice day!! Ricci

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