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  1. C Nash

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    Got the turkeys yesterday and they are in the MH fridge thawing. Can't wait until Thanksgiving. One will be deep fried and think I'll smoke the other. Cornbread dressing with all the trimings and got to have the gibblet gravey. Done gained 20 lbs just thinking about it. Macroni and cheese, peas, corn and all the fancy dishes that the madam and girls cook to go along with it. Yeehaw:cool: :) :approve:
  2. DL Rupper

    DL Rupper Senior Member

    Re: turkeys

    Chelse, happy eating and have a great Thankgiving. :) :)
  3. H2H1

    H2H1 Senior Member

    Re: turkeys

    Hey Chelse sounds likeyou are inviting all to come eat. So what time we show up? man I also gain lbs just from reading the menu. but in all do have a bless Thanksgiving as we all have things to be thankful for.

    ARCHER Senior Member

    Re: turkeys

    Chelse, I"m like you. Can hardly wait for Turkey Day dinner.
    We have not bought our bird yet, but we are doing it a bit different this year. Since we rean out of space in the new TT to haul things previously hauled, we left the deep fryer at home. Oven not big enough to bake a big bird, soooo we bought one of those Rival Bakers for up to a 18 lb bird. Never done one in those things before, but who knows, it ought to work. WE are going to our Nieces house on Thanksgiving and will get some full course meal. The bird we are gonna do is just for Linda and me. Actually, there is nothing better than a good deep fried turkey. Juicy, juicy....oh I'll be up Chelse. ;)
  5. Shadow

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    Re: turkeys

    Think your right H2H1, he didn't say what time. But if we get there early we can watch some football. Enjoy Chelse Happy Thanksgiving :)

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