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    I have a flat screen Polaroid 19 inch TV/DVD in my home. It is a 12 volt set that uses a transformer to plug into AC. The set came that way from Polaroid and has been used in my home only. The transformer says output 12VDC/5.83 amp. Can I use this set, without the transformer, in my coach and plug it into the cigar lighter type outlet where the old RV TV used to be? I read that my inverters output is 12 VDC/30 amps. Will a 12 volt plug reduce the amperage to usable levels? I will be using this combo in both dry and park camping. Kinda of a long conveluted question but I don't want to destroy my TV finding out the hard way. Thanks for any info.

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    Re: TV amperage

    Check the fuse on the 12 volt RV plug most have about 8amps which should allow the TV's use.

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    RE: TV amperage

    Thanks Len. I think I wrote this post wrong but you have a good answer. I didn't realize that the plug had a fuse inside it. I intend to run the TV while dry camping and needed to know if the house batteries would run it sucessfully and not over amp the set. With the proper fuse that shouldn't happen. As for the performance of the set on batteries only I guess I'll have to experiment to see how long it will run before draining them. Thanks again Len.
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    RE: TV amperage

    A couple of corrections, Sam, for those that will read this now and later on. I don't mean to sound like I'm lecturing you or anything.

    Read on the back of the TV for the information about what power requirements your TV needs. Don't take it from the AC transformer.

    You DON'T have an inverter that outputs 12VDC. You have a converter that outputs 12VDC. It works to power your RV from the 120VAC line or from the generator (and usually recharges your batteries.) An inverter makes AC from the 12VDC batteries for those times when there is no AC or generator.

    An electrical appliance only draws what it requires from the proper input voltage. You can't push more current into an appliance unless you plug it into an incorrect voltage. That is usually not possible if you don't go stripping and twisting wires together on your own.

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    RE: TV amperage

    Thanks for the clarification TC.
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    Re: TV amperage

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    RE: TV amperage

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