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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by JWBalson, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. JWBalson

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    Just got an Evergreen Ever-Lite 31RLS Travel Trailer and it has an unusual TV mount. I did not get the TV with the unit and am now looking for a way to mount the TV to the mount. It is about 4" wide at top and about 3" wide at bottom. Picture attached

    Anybody got any ideas??

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  2. akjimny

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    Hi JW and welcome to the RVUSA Forum. If you don't have the other half of the mount that attaches to the TV set, you would be better off getting a whole new mount for the set you have. Depending on the size of your TV and the location, you could get a pivotting mount which would make the TV viewable thru more of the RV. Good luck and post back to let us know what you come up with.:):)
  3. Triple E

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    Yes JW welcome to the forum. I was just looking at a mount like this at Best Buy. I am looking at replacing my TV and that is part of the hardware I would have to buy. Like Jimmy stated, please keep us posted on what you end up doing.:approve:
  4. LEN

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    That is the female 1/2 of a scissor type mount that the piece that mounts to the TV sets in. Once installed you can pull it in out and tilt sideways but most of the cheaper ones donot tip up and down. If you donot have the second half you most likely will have to purchase the whole mount, somewhere about $110.


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