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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by thomasamski, Jul 3, 2011.

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    We have a Samsung TV hooked up to a Samsung TV/DVD player and a small Magnavox electronic thing that has one red light when turned on. I have no idea what it is. The problem is that cable TV comes in very fuzzy. Sound is OK, and the DVD player works fine with a good picture. There is also a button under the TV that is in the proper (off) position. If I push the "on" button for that Magnavox thing the picture is great, but as soon it sets itself ... in about five seconds ... I get a blue screen. I don't know how to set up the menu so that the picture comes in clear? It worked at one time. Thanks for any help rendered.
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    Re: TV problems ...

    Hi, Tom
    I don't mean to be a smart A%^, have you tried asking the people where you got it from...
    I know, in my set-up. you have to get into the TV's "Set-up" menu to tell it "Cable" or "Air" or "DVD"
    You must have the cables set up correctly or you wouldn't get any picture
    I use to be able to ask my kids to come fix it... but now they are too far away to be of help...
    good luck
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    Re: TV problems ...

    I will ask when I get home. We're in the midst of a two-month trip to and from Alaska. I had it working for a while and suddenly it stopped. Thanks for the input.
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    Re: TV problems ...

    In that case, check all the connections may be one has come lose from the road vibration,
    You've probably done that already.
    Have a safe trip
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    Re: TV problems ...

    New to RV USA Forum so, I may be a day late and a dollar short in replying so late into this thread, but hopefully the one who is asking for help will pop back in. Otherwise maybe someone else will stumble in here that can use this information.

    For the easiest way to resolve this I have to agree with Bob, contact who you bought it from, or your service provider, as they'd have you on the phone to troubleshoot hands on. For as many different pieces of equipment that are out there that's about how many ways there are to hook it all up. Not to discourage you, but troubleshooting in this manner is next to impossible, but I'll give it the good ol' college try!! Maybe something will click and work for you...we can only hope :).

    We really need to know WHAT that Magnavox thing is. Is it the cable box from your service provider? Do you put something in it...DVD's, VCR tapes, CD's? Gotta know what it does!!

    General rule for home use (and this should apply to RV's)... Have a flashlight handy because it gets dark behind the equipment. Please follow these steps in the order I give them.

    • If you do not have a piece of equipment I mention simply skip that piece of equipment and go to the next in line. I.E. If you don’t have a VCR then go “OUT” the DVD “IN” to the TV.

    • RCA Jacks will enhance your picture and sound. S-Video is a step up from RCA Jacks (like CD’s are a step up from cassette tapes), but not always available or needed. Component Jacks are for when you have an HDTV or HD capable equipment. I.E. I would expect all equipment to have RCA Jacks, but not necessarily S-Video or Component Jacks and again here, if a piece of equipment doesn’t have ports for jacks skip to the next piece of equipment.

    1. The coaxial (cable – that white or black line that comes out of the wall into your TV) comes "OUT" the wall "IN" to the cable box (receiver, converter box whatever you want to call it it's the box from your service provider) "OUT" the cable box "IN" to the DVD player "OUT" the DVD "IN" to the VCR "OUT" the VCR "IN" to the TV.

    2. The RCA Jacks (red, yellow, white jacks on a black cord) go “OUT” the cable box (receiver, converter box whatever you want to call it it's the box from your service provider) "IN" to the DVD "OUT" the DVD player "IN" to the VCR "OUT" the VCR "IN" to the TV.

    • NOTE: The red jack always goes into the right speaker, the white jack always goes into the left speaker, and the yellow jack is video. DO NOT plug RCA Jacks into the “phono” input /output as you could blow your speakers.

    3. S-Video Jack (single black jack on a black cord) go “OUT” the cable box (receiver, converter box whatever you want to call it it's the box from your service provider) "IN" to the DVD "OUT" the DVD player "IN" to the VCR "OUT" the VCR "IN" to the TV.

    4. The Component Jacks (blue, green, red on a black cord) go “OUT” the cable box (receiver, converter box whatever you want to call it it's the box from your service provider) "IN" to the DVD "OUT" the DVD player "IN" to the VCR "OUT" the VCR "IN" to the TV.

    5. While you are behind the equipment see if your Samsung TV /DVD combo has a little button that toggles “channel 3 or 4” if yes, you’ll want it on “channel 3”.

    Now come out from behind the equipment. It’s time to program your equipment. Collect all of your remote controls and set them on the table beside you. You’ll want the manuals for your equipment too. It would be a good idea to also have the phone number to each piece of equipment’s manufacturer.

    • This is on a wing and a prayer because there’s just no way anyone can know every manufacturer and each model that manufacturer makes and each remote control that goes with each and every piece of equipment.

    • Look for the obvious “menu”, “options”, “home”, “program”, etc. You’ll have to use common sense here and even at that doesn’t mean you’ll understand who designed that particular model and what the heck they were thinking.

    • Your goal is to “add channels”, “program the clock”, and whatever other options you have to choose from I don’t know.
    · Once you’ve programmed your equipment you’ll need to put your TV on channel 3 and the correct input. Otherwise you’ll get that “blue screen” you mentioned. What’s the correct input you ask…good question! Depends on what you plugged your jacks into in the back of your equipment. Suggestion on your TV’s remote control push “input” and go down the list displayed to see what works.
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    Re: TV problems ...

    Here's the short version. Try this and if this doesn't work then follow the steps I listed in my previous post.

    Magnavox electronic thing – I’m guessing this is your cable box.

    TV fuzzy – Check connections of coax and jacks are screwed /plugged in.

    Blue screen – Using the Samsung TV remote push the “input” button and select the input you should be on. If you’re not sure which input you should be on select each option showing on the TV screen until you make the right choice. Then if the picture hasn’t returned using the same remote push “03” to make sure your TV is on channel 3. You should then be able to watch TV.

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