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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by chrapowicz, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. chrapowicz

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    I have 2010 camper it has 32" flat screen tv and i'm having hard time to find hd channels in wide open space with good tv signal. Someone told me that i need different antenna little newbie to this and need help Thanks
  2. try2findus

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    Re: tv reception

    We bought a wingman from GTS (Grandview Trailer Sales) and it has helped our reception. We had limited to no signal where we traveled unless we were hooked to cable. It easily hooked to our batwing antenna by loosening a couple of bolts, sliding the wingman in line with the holes and re-bolting.

    Oh, and WELCOME to the forum! :)
  3. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    Re: tv reception

    Yes, and now King Controls has made a replacement head for the antenna. You take off the std. batwing and replace with this new antenna. I bought 10 and gone one free, so I put it on my trailer. Does a good job and sells for about $50.00. The Wingman that Jeanie talks about is around $30.00 or little less.

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