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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by normmartinen, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. normmartinen

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    My parents are having trouble with their tv service when traveling in their 40' RV. Does anyone have suggestions on what service to use for both internet and tv service while they travel? Someone had mentioned "Apple TV" Is anyone familiar with this service, or ROKU?


  2. H2H1

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    well I would hope they have in motion satellite in their RV. If not that the problem. I don't have any type of Satellite system, but I have read that DISH has pay as you go plan just for Rvers.When and if I do get a satellite system that would be what I would get. Direct is also another provider, only they don't offer pay as you go. Be sure to ask your parents if they have an in motion sat first. then go from there.
  3. Shorty

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    H2H1 is in motion is the way to go...I see them for 2k and less. There's one sitting on the floor at a friends shop right now. If you don't have digital TVs(I just converted) you will need a digital TV converter to put in front of your switch or each TV...For streaming I use a hotspot (with an external antennae)and I believe in the Roku...I own em at my shop...etc Stream music and movies or just hook onto the campground wireless when the internet pipe is big enough
    Oh...and I added the wingman to the normal TV ant on mine and it did improve the reception
    But then could always make your own ant by using wire hangers...called a bowtie ant...look it up...I got all the majors off air out in the when I'm in trouble I can still watch the Bing Bang Theory in the shop ;)

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