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Discussion in 'Towables' started by paulc5975, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. paulc5975

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    Hi All,
    I'm new to your forum but not new to reading through it. I'm going to be a new 5th wheel owner within a month or so. I have a 3/4 ton Chevy Duramax with a topper which brings me to my first question. Has anyone solved the problem of taking your topper with you? I'm going to Arizona for about four months this winter and then a slow trip back to Michigan when I return. I would love to figure out a way to take my topper with me, for both the look of my truck with it on but more for the security of having it installed. I know it would take extra effort and cost to uninstall and re-install but I don't mind. I've never found anyone who's solved this problem. It sort of leads to my second question. I've done extensive reading about towing a 5th wheel with a small trailer or car behind it. I know there are length, weight and hitch considerations. I own a light one place enclosed motorcycle trailer (1000#'s) and thought about using it to transport my topper, generator and grill. I've read about reinforcing the frame of the 5th wheel for the hitch, flex of the home etc. I don't want to get in to something that will takes it toll on my 5th wheel and I've wondered if anyone makes a topper carrier that hooks to a reciever hitch for the back of 5th wheel. I know it weighs about 200lbs and of course is only cab height so would extend less then the 3ft allowed for overhang. Thanks ahead of time for any input. Paul
  2. C Nash

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    Welcome to the forum Paul. Ther is a hitch made that hooks to the regular tow hitch on your truck. Some type 5th wheel rig that I saw in Flordia at a campground. Think it is expensive. Wierd looking but the guy said it worked fine. ken of GTS might be able to tell where you can get them. I am not a fan of hooking anything behind a 5th wheel but JMO.
  3. Steve H

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    Hello! Not only length and weight concerns but I believe this would be considered a "double-tow" which is illegal in many states including our home state of WA. There are some trailers/totes like the Idaho Tote and the Swivel Wheel trailers that are solid mount to the 5th wheel which is a "gray" area as far as double-tow definitions.
  4. LEN

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    How about ski rack on top of your cab, then rest the topper on it. Clamps would be EZ to fabricate or maybe use existing tie downs for the topper.
    I've seen boats, bikes, storage containers and scouters there so a topper should work.

  5. paulc5975

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    Thanks Len! I've wondered too if that might be the way to go. I'll get the tape measure out and see how it would all come together. I'm surprised someone hasn't invented a carrier that attaches to a reciever hitch to solve this problem. I appreciate your input, thanks! Paul

    Then to Steve, thanks I appreciate your input too. I know it's considered a double tow and I also know it isn't legal in every state. Although every state west of the Mississippi is legal other then California, Oregon and Washington. I mentioned in my post that it was and I have researched the laws. There are length, weight, tow chain, and some states require break-away brakes. Also depending on the State brakes on the second trailer if over a certain weight, with 1500lbs being the lowest. The 5th wheel I'm considering has a reciever hitch on it and, it and the frame of the trailer are rated at 3500lbs. (which I have no disire to do) I would be way under that. Length is my biggest concern and why I would prefer a carrier. I will not go over length, or weight for liability reasons and of course just the saftey aspect.

    Thanks to everyone for their input. If anyone has solved the problem or knows of a good known solution, thanks ahead of time. Paul
  6. akjimny

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    Depending on how tall your 5er is and how long your topper is, you could possibly mount it vertically on the rear bumper.:)

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