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  1. walsegg

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    I have cloth fabric on my current motorhome's sofa and dinette. We are looking to upgrade but most new rigs have the ultra leather. It is good looking but I am concerned that our cat's rear claws could damage it or that its hot in the summer or cold in the winter like the leather in my car- anyone have any thoughts or personal experience with the new ultra leather?
  2. C Nash

    C Nash Senior Member

    Leather will be hot and cold is my experience, but I like it. Cat claws would be rough on it IMO. Can you declaw him?
  3. JordanAllen76

    JordanAllen76 Junior Member

    I personally don't like leather, I hate sticking to it in the summer.
  4. Ultrafabrics- LLC

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    There is only one true Ultraleatherâ„¢ and it is by Ultrafabrics, LLC - the industry leader in manufacturing the ultimate in luxurious polyurethane surfaces. Ultraleatherâ„¢, like all Ultrafabrics products, feature our own proprietary Japanese Takumiâ„¢ technology which is inherent into the make up of our fabrics. This sophisticated technology promotes incredible durability, ease of care, softness and thermal comfort. Meaning, Ultraleatherâ„¢ will remain cool to the touch even in direct sunlight and will maintain it's beauty for a very long time!

    Unfortunately, there are many inferior substitutes/imitations who try and play off our trademarked brand name and outstanding company reputation. It is important to ask for Ultraleatherâ„¢ by name and make sure it is coming from Ultrafabrics, LLC to ensure you are getting the very highest in quality. There are numerous functional, environmental, and cost benefits to using Ultraleatherâ„¢ (polyurethane) over genuine leather or vinyl. Please visit www.ultrafabricsllc.com for more information about Ultraleatherâ„¢ and our Takumiâ„¢ technology.

    Best of luck to you!

    Meredith McKee
    Director of Marketing
    Ultrafabrics, LLC

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