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Discussion in 'Destinations' started by Cross Country, Oct 7, 2007.

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    Hello all,

    I am planning a trip from Lake Tahoe to the Great Smokey Moutains in the next few weeks. I have a '86 37' Gasser. I have made several trips in this RV throughout CA. & NV. I will be traveling I80 to Nebraska then cutting down to the 40 to Nashville TN. Has anyone here done this in an older, large gasser? The only thing I am concerned about are very long and steep summits. I have had no problems on 395 from Victorville to Tahoe or 50 over the Sierras. I have found some summits to be too much though. Any ideas, advise or suggestions would be great.

    Thanks all.

    Happy RV'ing
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    RE: Upcoming trip

    if u travel i40 to TN the only big grades u have are around Crossville ,, they are not bad ,, but watch out for the curves ,, it has some pretty sharp ones ,, also they have truck restictions on these areas ,, but don't be afraid .. most of the truckers slow down for them also ,, so if u'r doing 50mph ,, then no prob ,, u are ahead of them ,, JMO :) :)
    Also be sure are ready for construction around Knoxville and before u get into Severville ,,, are state colors are orange and white ,, and even the highway dept likes to show them off ,, via orange barrles ,, anway i myself made a trip to Biltmore Estate this past Sat.. and got stuck in one lane traffic on the way back ,, via I40 ,, but other than that u should have a good ride to TN .. :)
    And bty welcome to the forum :)
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    Re: Upcoming trip

    Thanks 730. Anyone else? Tennessee is covered. Still 5 more states to cover.
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    Re: Upcoming trip

    Hey Cross Country, welcome to the forum. I-80 from SLC/Ogden, UT to Nebraska has a few hills and dales. If I remember correctly the Laramie to Cheyenne, WY is a pretty good climb. After that you won't run into too much.
    See if you can locate a copy of "Mountain Directory for Truckers, RV, and motorhome Drivers for eleven Western States. It will tell you grades and how long they are on the worst western mountain passes. :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    Re: Upcoming trip

    Thank you DL Rupper, I still have one more state to cover. I have ordered the book (USED) for $14.95 Hope it helps. Hope this trip is great! I am going to look at properties in the Gatlin area and I have a couple in mind if anyone is in the area to maybe snap a couple of shots to send to me.

    Thanks you guys.
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    Re: Upcoming trip

    Hmmm, I live just North of Cookeville Tn. Coming from West to East just East of Cookeville you will have a long steep pull of about 4 miles. Like they said earlier don't worry about the big rigs cause they are chugging too.

    The nexy hard pull will be about 40 mile East of Cooke ville but its a real long pull with about a 5 % grade not as bad as the one right outside of Cookeville.

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