Viewing Microsoft Streets & Trips

Discussion in 'RV Tips & Tricks' started by likenit, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. likenit

    likenit New Member

    I am considering the 2008 Microsoft Streets & Trips with GPS, but wonder how we will be able to see the screen.
    I have a DEll Inspiron E 1505 laptop and it is difficult to see the screen in daylight.
    Am I missing something about my screen readability in light?

    Thanks, LIKENIT
  2. Bush70

    Bush70 New Member

    Re: Viewing Microsoft Streets & Trips

    No I have the same thing and it is hard to see in the light. Try pluging it into a inverter. I have one that plugs into the cigar liter and works great. Good luck
  3. Kali_Mist

    Kali_Mist New Member

    RE: Viewing Microsoft Streets & Trips

    Have you tried adjusting your Screen Display lighting settings for battery power?
  4. rjann

    rjann New Member

    RE: Viewing Microsoft Streets & Trips

    We've actually had to pull off under some shade just to read the computer screen with the Dell 700m. Works great at night!

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