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  1. sheba

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    u.K.residents intending to travel America end of this year. Will purchse an R.V on arrival but need to know what type of visa do we require and where do we get it. Wanting to travel for around 4 years.

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    My only recommendation is to check w/the US Embassy nearest you. They should have the info you'll need, as well as the UK Embassies' locations/phn numbers here in the US in/near cities to which you may travel. Just in case of an emergency, etc.
    Happy Trails, & hope you enjoy your visit here! Will

  3. joy

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    try looking in or or use the key words "U S Visa" in your search engine to see if you can find the requirements, etc. I found some info there. You may encounter a few more security measures since the unfortunate tragedy of sept 11 but the basics, sources, etc. should still be the same. Hope to see you here!


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