Waiting for ROD to tell us

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by LEN, Oct 24, 2012.

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    And show us his new MH.
    People want to know Pics and all.

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    thanks ,, Len ,, and i will when i can ,, looking at about 2 weeks ,, then go pick it up in Redbay ,, it is paid in full ,, and I CAN"T WAIT ,, but just like a kid at christmas ,, i must wait :( ,, but no biggy ,, but i will for sure post pics the day we go to the factory and pick it up ,, might even have the wife shoot some pics of it rolling down the road as we head home ,, since she will be following me :applause: ,, i kinda fouled up some of the production ,, since i wanted some stuff changed about mid build ,, but no biggy to Tiffin ,, they were at a stage where it did not really matter anyways ,, but i did slow it down ,, but oh well ,, i am getting it built the way i want ,, and they (Tiffin) has no prob with it ,, they are more then happy to make any minor changes at the time i want ,,, they are a great company ,, never really dealt with them till now ,, on this scale ,, i had a Tiffin MH before ,, but not like this ,, i recomend Tiffin to anyone out there that wants a well built MH and a company that stands behind it 100% ,, chassis and all ,, but they are pricy ,, but that overcomes ,, IMO the warranty they provide ,, 5 yr coach warrnty. ,, 150k chassis and engine warrnty. sorry i got off tract ,, :( :)

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