Want to be snowbird!

Discussion in 'Destinations' started by Daily Double, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Daily Double

    Daily Double New Member

    Any suggestions on a RV park along the Rio Grande valley? There are a ton of them advertised but since i've not been there i don't know one from the other!
  2. DL Rupper

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    Re: Want to be snowbird!

    We stayed a week at Americana RV, Mission, TX. It was OK, but there are tons of RV Parks down there. Look up Texas in www.RVparkreviews.com and check out the parks by City. I have found that the reviews in there are about 75% right on. The owners/managers have no input. All the reviews are by fellow RVers. Also check out the RV Parks web site. Often you can learn a lot about a park on their web site. Get reservations otherwise you will only be spending a week there like we did. All the monthly's are usually taken well in advance.

    If you are a bird watcher there are lots of strange birds down there. The green Blue Jays are great.

    Note: When you go in the local Wal-Marts the loud speaker announcements are in Spanish. It kind of took me back the first time I heard them. :laugh:
  3. Daily Double

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    Re: Want to be snowbird!

    gracias!! Anybody else??
  4. aussie Keith

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    Re: Want to be snowbird!

    We stayed at Breeze Lake RV Park in Brownsville for a total of 6 weeks during our tour in 06/07 and had a great time. Really friendly group of people in an OK park which is in a handy location with its own resaca (lake). Reasonable rates, especially for the long term. Cable and wifi. Even went back to visit early this year without an RV and will do the same in February. Probably not the best park in the district but we enjoyed the atmosphere and made a lot of good friends.
  5. SnowbirdInFlight

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    Re: Want to be snowbird!

    We've stayed at Casa Del Valle in Alamo and Snow to Sun in Weslaco . If you want lots of stuff close by then Casa is the best. Snow is cheaper but further away from lots to do but closer to Nuevo Progreso, Mexico . Only seven miles to the border! Both are gated communities with hot tubs, pools, etc. Snow has a band every week and beer and wine coolers for sale cheap. Both are very well run and nice. You do pay for your own electric though. Of course these are 55 years and older RV Resorts so if you are younger than that, these won't fit your needs. But, not to worry there are many, many, more to choose from up and down highway 83.

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