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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by atamians, Oct 17, 2009.

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    Was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this

    I winterized this past weekend and when I removed the annode from the water heater and drained the water, I noticed I had clumps of what looked like silicone sealant (not as dense, but the same color) come out of the drain.

    The water heater worked fine all year. I flushed it out, but was wondering if this may be a result of the antifreeze in the water lines, getting into the water heater when I put the unit back in service last year.

    I did bypass the water heater before filling the water lines with antifreeze last year, but did not flush out all the lines before filling everything back up.



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    Re: Water Heater Question

    You should always flush the system prior to putting the water heater back in service. In addition, you should use a mix of vinegar and water in the hot water tank just like you would use it to flush out your coffee maker. The more you flush, the better the lines will be. JMO
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    Re: Water Heater Question

    Since RV antifreeze is made up of grain alcohol and some dyes and additives to keep people from consuming it. I wouldn't think that it would cause that sort of problem, and have never heard of such before. It sounds as though you may have had an algae problem developing.

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