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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by thomasamski, May 23, 2011.

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    I'm on the road and the electric water heaters seems to have stopped working today. The light on the panel is on, but no hot water. I checked the fuses and they're OK. I get hot water with LP gas. Any suggestions?
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    Re: Water heater

    Sounds like the electric element is burned out. If you have a meter, you can check it, but if not, take it in to a dealership. The light is 12 volt, that is why it is still on, and the circuitry is still working.
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    Re: Water heater

    The electric side of your water heater is powered by 120V-ac power and so you need to check circuit breakers for that. Do you have a meter to see if there is power to the heat element? If so, you can also use the ohm part to check the element as well. You should read 120V across it when on if power is there. If so, turn it off and lift the leads to the heat element and read through it. That should read somewhere around 50 ohms if good and if it is open as suggested above it will read in the 1000 ohm or higher range. If you have no voltage to the element, don't waste money buying an unneeded new heat element.
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    RE: Water heater

    Thank you all for your help. For whatever reason the electric water heater started working again and continues to do so. I'll have it checked out when I get home.

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