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    i have 03 itasca spirit. need to know how to tell if the hot water heater can be used with electricity as well as propane. i understand there will some kind of switch--where??? also, husband says water heater completely drains when all water facets are opened--true?? if not, how do we drain?
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    Re: water heater

    It does not drain with the fausets. There is a drain plug inside the door on the outside of the camper. The switch could be anywhere. Bathroom, kitchen most common. If you get the model off the heater a dealer or the maker of the heater could tell you.
    Good Luck
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    Re: water heater

    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    If your water heater is Atwood and electric, your switch should be next to the gas switch. If you have a Surburban, the electric switch is outside on the water heater's lower left corner inside the access door. You will see an "on/off" switch and that is the elec. Sometimes manufactures will wire a switch inside also. I do not know if yours is like that or not.

    IF you have a control that has a pilot control on it, you don't have elec. in your heater.
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    Re: water heater

    Two good answers, but I would add just a little more. Many owners have installed an after-market electric element and if so that will be found in the drain hole inside of the door to the water heater and in the place where a drain plug would be. If it is there it will have two wires to it, and somewhere a switch to control it.

    On draining the water heater will also depend to some extent upon which make you have. If it is an Atwood it should be a 9/16" drain plug made of either plastic or brass. If you have a Suburban it should be of steel and it will usually have an anode rod on the inside of the drain plug which needs replacement from time to time.
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    Re: water heater

    Atwood water heater have an on-off switch on a metal box on the backside of the waterheater(inside the rig). The Suburban waterheater has an on-off switch on the front of the waterheater(outside) below the gas valve. There is also a breaker marked waterheater in the breaker box if it is factory installed. Many manufacturers will also put a wall switch somewhere in the trailer usually next to the kitchen sink (but I have seen them in the ceiling over the sink area).
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