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    I've camped in our 1975 skamper pop-up several times but I've never figured out how to use the water. It has a sink and there are a few hoses. I'm not sure if there's a reserve tank and how to connect the hoses and all that. Any ideas?

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    Re: water

    Welcome Jennifer,
    I had a pop up back in the early 80s and it had a sink, water connection, but no holding tank. I had two hoses , one for hooking up to the water line at the park and the other to drain the water away from sink drain and into the (then) drain beside the campsite. It had a ice box (not electric) and that was about it. That is about all I can tell ya. Welcome
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    Re: water

    Our 1974 Starcraft pop-up had a water tank, a city water hose connection(female connection) and also a place to connect a hose from the sink drain(male hose connection). In our pop-up the faucet turned to open and close from city water and if operating from the water tank you turned it to the on position and worked the handle up and down to hand pump the water from the tank.

    If you have an on-board fresh water tank, there will also be a place that you can open and put the end of a hose to fill the tank.

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