Weight distribution--how does it work?

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by consitter, Mar 21, 2014.

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    Scott - I had the same problem with my trailer with the Eaz Lift weight distribution hitch. The spring bars are shaped like an "L" and go into sockets on the bottom of the hitch. The solution for me was to raise the trailer by hanging the axles under the springs instead of on top of the springs. That plus coil over shocks on the rear of the van. That got the tow vehicle and the trailer level with each other when towing, plus it gave me more ground clearance for the trailer.

    Another option you might look at would be a Curt Hitch. Curt makes a trunnion bar hitch that might give you the extra ground clearance you need.
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    Hmm. Never thought of the axles under the springs on the trailer. That's worth trying. I've got a lot invested (both time and money) in the propride hitch, and the safety of it, I just can't beat.

    It saved our bacon on I-75. A tour bus was switching to our lane, and would have taken out the front of the truck back to the cab, had I not swerved into the far left lane. It was like the trailer wasn't even behind me. Followed me right over and was solid as a rock. If I'd done that with my EAZ lift, I'm afraid of what might've happened.

    Thanks for the info.
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    Seems like my camper is cursed this year. We came to Cincinnati for my daughter to have testing in the children's hospital there. My other daughter and I stay at the campground of the night. The handle to one of my grey tanks was broken off when I looked under the camper when we got there. Same thing happened on our trip to Gatlinburg. Is this normal?

    And yes, I'm hijacking my own thread.
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    Interesting. So simple. Wish I'd seen that first.
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    I would thank you for your post, but I'll bet you'll never see it.
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    To the admin team:

    I have not been able to post without moderation since I joined this forum. However, each time I have sent a communication to them, they have got back to me, and have been attempting to fix the problem. It's been frustrating, but I'm going to hang in there until everything is taken care of, and hope to soon be learning from the seasoned members of this forum.
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    Well I know the admin team have been working on the forum to get this problem fixed. Glad you are hanging in onsitter.

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