Well I'm bored

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by LEN, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. LEN

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    Waiting for a guy to come and fix the awning. Put it down the other day and was eating lunch when we heard a big bang. Thought one of the support arm wasn't lock but when I went out all was good. MMMMMMMMMM. Well put up the awning that evening, forecast for wind and it would not wind up, appears the spring either broke of came loose. Find out in a few and see what the repair will be. Sitting in Goodyear, az.

  2. Triple E

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    Re: Well I'm bored

    To bad Len. Look at the bright side, your insurance will cover it. Well at least they covered mine. Enjoy your boredom. Should be a fast fix. :)

  3. whitey

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    RE: Well I'm bored

    I never put my awing out when i'm travel out west the winds are to high for me. I take me a couple of long tites around each am. I've seen to many rigs come in off I 40 & 10 and their awing are just flopping in the wind.
  4. LEN

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    Re: Well I'm bored

    Just the spring or springs here. The tech is ordering both but suspects it the forward one that needs the replaced. Ahhh the tribulations of being on the road. Just ain't my week I guess, rained out ball game and the awning. Oh! well just watched a guy in a 5vr setup his camp. NO gloves and rearranges his sewer hose with different ends to suit the camp. Then hooks it to the rv, oooops! forgot to close the valves, flood time. OK got that sorted out, boy that made me hungry(not me, him)so I have candy in my pocket(still no gloves) think its taffy kinda sticky in the wrap but I'll ge tit out with my fingers. YUK! OH well some people imune system is better than mine. Note here to self refill bleach bottle to spay on water out let before hooking up, Oh did I say next for him was hooking up the water supply. LOL here YUK YUK

  5. utmtman

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    Re: Well I'm bored

    Hey Len, hope your fix is not an expensive one. Good luck to ya.

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