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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by LEN, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. LEN

    LEN Senior Member

    Just picked up an EP8000 generator for around the house. It was a good deal so I couldn't resist.
    Works great and has the 220 I need for the maserator(sp) pump the house has, problem being if you don't have electric you have to hold yer POOP.
    Now the question---What brand is it? I have searched all over and can't find it listed anywhere. Has 4 110-120 outlets(two house type plugs) and one 30 amp 220-240 outlet, a 16 horse motor and appear to be at the least reasonably built.
    Anyone know the gen and if there is an owners manual somewhere?
    8KW and gas. red in color motor kinda looks Honda.

  2. Kenworth

    Kenworth Member

    Len, look up GenTech....does it look like those?
  3. LEN

    LEN Senior Member

    Ok found it. Duromax older model. For $325 it will run everything I need around the house. It is 72db at full load, but beside the house you can hear it in the garage but not in the house COOL. Now just got to think if I want to keep it or wait for maybe a Honda$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  4. JamesTheMan

    JamesTheMan Junior Member

    Nice find these generators are very reliable from what I have heard.
  5. LEN

    LEN Senior Member

    Well the story continues. The wife had a hard time starting the Gen so if mama ain't happy---anyway. In the mean time installed the interlock switch and the plug in on the house. Took the gen back and started the search again and being the tightwad I am AAHHHHH Fugal???. Found not less than 5-6 good ones at reasonable prices on the market. Took the best prospect and looked at it with my son a Troy Built 10000. Had 20 hours on the meter and was stored inside. Started and ran great, to be expected on this all but new unit. It comes from the factory with a control module/panel with a 20 amp 20' cord that shows load and matainence items(kinda neat) and it also came with a 30 amp cord. So bought it and now it sits at the ready.


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