Wet floor under couch in 87 fifth wheel.

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    I bought a TravelEze fifth wheel a year ago to live in while saving up for my property. Until recently I had not had it hooked to water as I was next to a house and shared the bath and kitchen there. Two months ago I moved to a lot with city water, and hooked up to that. Initially I had hooked up using the pressure regulator attached to my white hose. I bought a second white hose to use in case the first one froze as we have had a few freezing spells(I turned water off at the source if I knew it would freeze that night and did not leave it hooked up when it was frozen for days at a time, but it may have been hooked up for a short time while it was freezing before I got home to unhook it). Anyway, I think I may have done a stupid thing and when switching to the unfrozen hose, forgot to hook it up to the pressure regulator. Now I have a wet spot on my carpet in the living room, coming from under my couch! The location fits with the location of the fresh water connection outside. My question is, since the bottom of the trailer is "sealed" with siding/sheet metal, how do I get in there to find the leak without tearing the floor apart preemptively? If I can save the floor, which has only had a wet spot for one day, and the water has been turned off since I noticed it and not back on, I would like to try and dry it out to prevent it from molding, if at all possible.

    So, to reiterate, I have a wet spot on the carpet in my "living room", that does coordinate with the location of the fresh water hookup outside on the fifth wheel. I need to know how to get to the pipes to find and repair the leak without tearing up the floor. If there is a way to remove the metal panel on the bottom of the trailer, so I can look UP at the pipes, that would be great.... another question, is there insulation in that area that I would have to deal with/replace/etc? Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I m on an insanely tight budget and absolutely MUST do this myself, as I have no way to pay someone to come and fix it for me.

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