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Discussion in 'Talkback' started by Shadow, Nov 9, 2008.

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    Hey Gang, Need your advice and opinions. We may get to do a lot of traveling next year and was thinking of getting a generator for our travels. Talked to the people at Holiday World and to get a propane generator mounted in the front compartment is about $5500 dollars. I was thinking I could get a used gas one a whole lot cheaper. Here is my questions if Y'all were going to get one.
    A. Go with the propane mounted one in the compartment?
    B. Get a gas one and mount it in the bed of the truck? If mounted in the truck can I run it still hooked up to the trailer, or will the exhaust be an issue?
    C. Get the gas one and mount it on a rack on the rear of the trailer?

    We have always stayed somewhere that had hookups. Thinking if we end up at a Walmart or some where and needed to run the air or TV. What would Y'all suggest?
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    Re: What Generator

    I can install a generator a LOT less than that. Just installed a LP40 Generac in a front compartment and will do it again for about $3,200.00.

    Word of warning. ONE customer, and only one, has problems when he needs to run the generator and furnace at the same time. What we have figured out is that the LP does not make enough vapor in a 30lb. cylinder for both to run. When he runs one at a time, no problems. Funny thing is a dozen other customers don't have that problem. (I have a heater for the shop that requires a 100lb. cylinder for the same reason.) When you gen. prep a Sunny Brook, they install three 40lb. cylinders and dedicate one for the generator.

    I use a 3000 Honda and it will run everything in my trailer. I have used it with two 50 amp trailers and the 30 amp. trailer, I have now. It occasionally overloads when the AC starts, but not more than 2 or 3 times a year. (all 15,000 btu) I can live with that when comparing the prices. We now sell the Kipor and they will do the same as Honda, for less money.

    I have carried my Honda on the back, in a basket, but usually carry it in the truck and just set it off when using it. I did stay in a K-Mart parking lot one night with the generator running right under me, I am still here!!
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    Re: What Generator

    Must say we do like your price Kenneth :) Was worried if we mounted one in a cage it may have a chance of wandering off. But worried if I bolted one to the bed of the truck. We would have to disconnect from the trailer to use it. Which would be a pain just for a rest stop. Not sure what size propane generator they were pricing. Kind of made a quick exit :eek: Thanks again..

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