What is the water line tubing made of?

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    Hi, I have a 1988 Southwind. I have a leaking water valve, that dumps the freshwater tank. It is gray, some sort of plastic. My water lines are of the same gray material it seems, and has silver (aluminum?) ring crimp type connectors that look like the PEX Copper ring crimps. But, unlike PEX, the water line is pretty rigid. It strikes me that PEX wasn't around in 1988, so this is possibly something else. Not sure what it is, though, with the rings crimped on.

    Can anyone tell me what it is? And, before I cut into it, whether or not the PEX crimps should work on it - I plan to replace the valve, with a PEX valve, and will be putting a PEX union in, to make it easier next time, since I have to cut out the plumbing to work on this valve.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    1988 Southwind
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    first off welcome to the forum ,, what u have as u have said is not pex ,, it is polybutylene it was used before pex was ,, but there are many things that u can use to adapt it to any type of piping when repairs are needed ,, i for one use ,, a product called "seatech" if u look up thier websight u will find anything u need ,, "and they do work" used their products on many rvs ,, and mine also ,, pm me if u want the websight ,, i would post it on here now ,, but it would go under revue ,, due to the many spammers we have going right now ,, i tried to post many links to web sights ,, but they never made it on the main forum ,, but please pm me ,, and i will send u the link to seatech :)
    btw ,, just sent u a pm on this product ,, and i have also seen that u have posted this on other forums ,, but hope u are not a one time poster on here ,, we do try to help ,, but please come back :)

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