What length DP to buy for fulltime?

Discussion in 'Class A / Diesel Pushers' started by arch14799, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. arch14799

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    Hi. Any thoughts on length or referral to info would be appriciated. I am thinking 40 ft Revolution, '05 or '06. Thanks
  2. vanole

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    Re: What length DP to buy for fulltime?


    40 ft although a great size is tweener when it comes to CCC. Many 40 footers have less CCC than a 38 ft but you do have the extra 2 ft of living space. If you think weight will be and issue (stuff you lug ith you just must have/can't live without) you might want to look at a tag axle. So bottom line pay close attention to the CCC and when shopping around.

    One other thing crawl up into the prospectve coach and both you and the Mrs go about your daily routine from cooking to lounging around to make sure you are not running into to each other. This will eliminate some coaches right off the git go based on floor plan.

    The Revolution is a nice coach.

  3. LEN

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    Re: What length DP to buy for fulltime?

    Although not full time, just 2-3 months at a time, I would go with at least 38-40 with minimum 2 and hope for 4 slides with a computer area not on the eating table. And with TV viewing area comfortable for 2. We carry summer and winter cloths hobby stuff including hunting things. We still have room to spare for more. Think on our next coach I will look for the open bays with joey beds for pull outs and the doors that go sideways rather than the swing up, pull out for batteries(so you can check water level EZ). Also look for a unit with the biggest grey water tank you can find and tank heaters or bay heat. This will give you more time if you boon dock much.

  4. rjf7g

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    Re: What length DP to buy for fulltime?

    When I looked for a new trailer, I looked based on a few key design elements and not the length. Just a thought.
  5. H2H1

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    Re: What length DP to buy for fulltime?

    hey Archer, not being disrespectable, but I was looking at what my check book could afford to pay for, and everything else fell in place. Good luck with your decision and happy RVing
  6. arch14799

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    Re: What length DP to buy for fulltime?

    Sorry to be an idiot, but what is CCC? Also, more exactly, I heard that many locations don't allow in over 38'.
  7. vanole

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    Re: What length DP to buy for fulltime?

    Arch, here is a stab at it kind of convoluted. If you have any questions please feel free to pm me

    CCC is Cargo Carrying Capacity, or the amount of "stuff" you can load in it. CCC='s GVWR-UVW, full fresh water weight including water heater filled, propane weight and SCWR

    For a motorhome, CCC is calculated as the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) minus the base weight of the rig (UVW which inludes full fuel, engine oil and coolants) but does not include cargo, fresh water, propane, passengers and dealer installed options) and the number of sleeping positions times 154#(SCWR which is the sleeping capacity weight rating).

    One thing you need to be aware of, is that the CCC posted inside the rig may or may not be the *real* CCC since RV manufacturers are not required to weigh each individual rig...they can use an average. Plus, if the dealer has added after-market options, the weight of those options will not be reflected in the weight sticker.

    So, before buying, take the rig to be weighed with you and everyone who will normally travel with you. If you can, be sure the fuel, propane, and fresh water tanks are full (a dealer should be willing to fill these tanks up if they know that a sale depends on getting the true weight...if they won't do it, I'd probably look elsewhere). Subtract that *real* weight from the rig's GVWR -- that will be your CCC.

    Good Sams mullet wrapper Highways (April 2008) had a good article on RV weight watching

    Fly Navy
  8. Spudracer

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    Re: What length DP to buy for fulltime?

    Arch, we bought a used 06' Revolution last September for $130,000 with only 4700 miles on it. It's a 40E model, and would be good size for full-timing.

    Bryson City, NC
  9. Charles T

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    RE: What length DP to buy for fulltime?

    In a thread like this it is almost impossible to get much useful information. Most responses will be the result of lifestyle and financial situation of the poster. There is no correct answer to this question and one size does not fit all. Bigger is not necessarily better. IMO, if there were such a thing as a 100ft MH, this would still not be large enough for a select few.

    First define your personal requirements. Will you be parking in luxury resorts, state/govt parks, boondocking or other smaller campgrounds? Some state/govt campground have length restriction. I read on other forums where some could barely squeeze in a 35 ft MH. Some have problems when they have slides on both sides of the MH. I would suggest you approach this in the same manner you would use in purchasing a stix n brix. Do you need 15,000 sq ft house with a 6 car garage on a hill or is your needs more in line with a 2000 sq ft on the outskirts of town. You are the only one who knows the answer to this question.

    Cargo . . . do you feel it's necessary to carry ALL the one purpose gadgets and other useless things many will collect over the years while living in a stix n brix? Do you feel you need to carry enough clothes and shoes to fill a walk-in closet? Make a list of what you intend to carry with you . . . check it twice . . . three times . . . and eliminate items which you will probably use only once a year.

    Once you have a clear view of what your needs are THEN you will be able to determine what length is needed for your purposes.

    I read about a couple who, although not fulltiming but traveled several months at a time, had a 26 ft MH and were happy. They moved up to a 35 fter and later decided this was too big. Another couple fulltime in a pickup camper towing a small trailer for extra cargo.

    A common agreement for CCC needed is 1000# per person minimum. You specified DP as your choice. Considering later model DP'ers you should have more than enough CCC to cover this minimum. If you should decide to consider a gas burner then you would need to look very close to make sure this requirement is covered.

    One other thing you might need to consider is GVWR. Check your state laws for operating MHs with GVWR over 26,000 lbs.

    The final decision is up to nobody but you, make your decision based on your needs not someone elses.

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