What tire do you recommend

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by cooneyjr, Aug 2, 2007.

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    Hello again well today I left for a lil three day weekend in our new travel trailer i bought it used and I have the standard factory tires they are the stock tires that came with the camper they look brand new no dry rot . Well we loaded up and got about 5 miles from the ole house and boom blowout. I changed it (hard work) and now I have several questions I used my expedition jack to changed it and I almost died doing it what do you reccomend that I keep in stock on my trl for future problems maybe a small hydrylic jack? what size my trl is 6820lbs dry it was lightly loaded and I went thru a (s) curve then went about 1/4 mile before it blew.
    My quesion is two fold what tires and equipment do you recommend? I am going in the morning to get new whatever I need

  2. Grandview Trailer Sa

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    Re: What tire do you recommend

    You did not say, but it sounds like you may have had Carlisle tires. I expect the size that was on the trailer originally, is adequate. Almost any brand is better than Carlisle.

    Goodyear makes a good trailer tire. General and Cooper are also good brands.
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    Re: What tire do you recommend

    I have a set of 4 on mine and all the reviews i read about them its not good it is getting me worried............. :( The first time I have a blow out I am pulling all 4 off and going with Goodyear.... Going to Lake Cumberland this weekend longest trip yet well see....... :)
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    Re: What tire do you recommend

    Check the DOT code on the sidewalls of the tires to find out when they were manufactured. Always replace if they are 5 years or more old, no matter what they look like.

    As for jacking up a dual axel trailer, I once saw something which looked like a fat comma. What you do is put it in front of the good tire, and pull the trailer up onto it. The bad tire is supposed to follow the good tire off the ground, suitable for replacement. Never could find one to buy, so when I had my blowout, I used some combination of the yellow leveling blocks and the truck jack (truck GVWR was higher than the trailer GVWR so it could handle it). I don't remember exactly how I did it, but I think I pulled the trailer up on a stack of blocks, which would have taken several increments to get it high enough. Or possibly I used the blocks to raise the jack until it could reach the lift point. Or even a combination of both.

    Whatever you use, make sure you chock the wheels on the ground really good, because it would not be pleasant if the trailer came off of whatever is holding it up...

    Also, keep an eye on the hitch. It may object to the twisting raising one side of the trailer results in. My fifth wheel hitch rocked side to side, so that was not a problem, but the corner of the trailer had a brief but passionate affair with the pickup bed side wall :)
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    Re: What tire do you recommend

    If you have 16" E load range tires I recommend Michelin XPS RIB tires. They have 4 steel belts in the tread and 1 steel belt in the sidewall. They are commercial light truck grade and have highway tread. The steel belt in the sidewall really stiffens the sidewall where trailer tires tend flex and experience separation.

    My RV came with Cooper tires that failed at 25 K miles. I switched to Goodyear Wranglers with which I had 2 blow outs at 15 K miles.

    I have had 2 sets of Michelin XPS RIB tires and have not experienced any problems. However, they don't make them in 15" or smaller. :(

    They are more expensive than Goodyear or other makes of tires, but well worth it..
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    Re: What tire do you recommend

    Thanks for the replies I fixed the blown out tire and and then I thought I could not change out the others and go . Well bad move another blowout and a lil damage to the lower aluminum piece of the camper well I am now home and going to buy tires in the am I currently have six ply tires 8 ply are available should I wait and order a 10 ply tire or would an 8 be ok


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