What to do and How to handle a blow out

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    Hi, All

    Got this off the MichelinTire.com URL

    This is on “What to do and How to handle” a Blow Out.
    I think anyone that drives a vehicle, be it a car or RV, even a big truck should watch this. I’ve been driving over 45 years. I’ve always been told to just take your foot off the gas for a blow out, and then pull over.

    In this Video they say the first thing to do is step on the gas to get control of your vehicle, then slow down… and they explain the “Why” for it too


    This Video is about tire load on an RV’s tires
    Very good information


    Take care
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    RE: What to do and How to handle a blow out

    Thanks for the post, good info.
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    RE: What to do and How to handle a blow out

    Thats very good information. Thanks for posting. I learned a few things and not afraid to admit it. Good Stuff!!!
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    Re: What to do and How to handle a blow out


    When I had a front tire blowout in 07 on my DP all I heard after the kaboom was an LSO screaming "power" "power" did not hear wave off and luckily got over to the side of the road and stopped. I was doing 55 mph on 2 year old tires.

    One thing those videos don't show and I don't know how in the world it happend but those crazy lug nut covers (not the lug nuts) on my M/H went flying off like rounds of chaff. One of them somehow got in front of the M/H and came flying back towards the windshield and actually had me ducking.

    Additionally the videos don't discuss or mention that you may have some of that tire wrapped around your brakes. My coach has airbrakes and I had about a 5ft piece of tread (gator) wrapped around the brakes unbeknownst to me. Once I was slowed down less than 5mph I applied the brakes and the steering wheel abruptly moved right almost yanking the wheel out of my grasp. Note to Jeff keep a tighter grip on the wheel..

    This blowout did about 7K damage to the front right wheel well and side of the M/H. The repair facitly was amazed that I did not lose either airbag in the wheel well. I'm not sure what would have happenned if an airbag would have been taken out but I'm sure it would not have been good. Since this blowout I have had cages mounted arround the bags and heavy rubber flaps rest in front of the cages to help deflect any gators if I ever have a blow out again.

    On a serious note I do not wish a blowout on anyone after my experience. I've landed on pitching decks nordo in the past and it was a more pleasant experince than a catostrophic tire failure.

    Fly Navy

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