What truck should I buy?

Discussion in 'Towables' started by Buzzard, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Buzzard

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    I have decided to switch from a small class C to a fifth wheel to accommodate a growing family. I have already picked out the 5th wheel (29' Arctic Fox), but I need to buy a truck to tow it with. I have been researching it for awhile, and there seems to be negatives and positives about all of them, and quite frankly, it has become a bit overwhelming. So, I would like your opinions and insights. I know I want a diesel, and I cannot afford anything new (or even close to new, probably 2003 will be the newest year I can afford and that would be a major stretch)
    So...do you love your truck? Do you hate it? Do you know of any common problems? Ford people, why do Chevy's suck? Chevy people, why do Fords suck? What about GMC and Dodge? What would you buy? I would appreciate any and all advice y'all can give.

    ARCHER Senior Member

    Re: What truck should I buy?

    I have a Dodge Ram 1500 and wish I'd bought a 2500 because of pulling power for 5th wheel. Welcome to the forum. Can't pull a whole lot of 5th wheels with a 1500.
  3. hertig

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    Re: What truck should I buy?

    Make sure you get a big enough truck. Find out the GVWR of the trailer you like and multiply by 1.2 to get your 'true towed weight'. Then figure out what the weight of the people and stuff you will carry in the truck will be (allow for growth of kids). Subtract this and the 'true towed weight' from the claimed CVWR (maximum combined vehicle weight) of any attractive truck. If > 0, it could be a good choice. You may find you need a 2500HD or even a 3500.

    As for brand, here is my opinion. I've never had good luck with Fords, and they have problems with diesel engines. Also, they are claimed to be welshing on warrenty work, and spending more effort on reshaping society than the automotive industry. I wouldn't buy one. I've had good luck with GMC/Chevy, except for their OnStar division, which has 'cheated' me. Dodge has been ok in the past (except for some problems with their bodies), but who knows what will happen with the change in ownership. Probably not a concern if you are buying used.

    I don't know of any other trucks from that era which would tow a 29', but there may be some.
  4. Wind River

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    Re: What truck should I buy?

    We don't have a 5er, rather a 25' Jayco TT and an 03 GMC Duramax/Alison. I have nothing but praise for the pulling power of the Duramax, whether on the flats or in the mountains here in WY or CO.
  5. hertig

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    Re: What truck should I buy?

    oops, subtract 'true towed weight' and 'truck load weight' from the towing weight claimed by the manufacturer, not the GCVW... The latter includes the weight of the tow vehicle.
  6. DL Rupper

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    Re: What truck should I buy?

    I like my "03" Dodge, but then I think Dodge Diesel smoke smells better. Seriously, if you buy a "03" or newer, stay away from the Ford 6.0L Power Strokes. Really a bad engine. The older Ford 7.3L Power Stroke was a good diesel engine. The GM Duramax or Dodge Ram Cummins Turbo Diesel will get the job done and then some. :laugh:
  7. Bob Rye

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    Re: What truck should I buy?

    Hi--I was faced with your situation also. I haave a 38 ft. Motorhome that was 3 yrs old custom made and because of major heart surgery I decided to downsize. Never having a truck i liked the chevy silverado 1500 king cab short bed . After i started looking for 5th wheels i found myself very limited but not out of the ball park. I found a 2yr old Keystone springdale that had bunks- there re just two of us but needed the extra space for grand children should they want to go. The only thing i had to do was add air bags which was around 500.00. the weights and specs fell into the range of the vehice and t really handles nicely. The problem with rv'ing is the same with boating you always want bigger and better. After the heart problem i thought about the entire picture and the purpose to begin with was camping so why did i need a 200,000.00 coach---i'ts hard stepping down but i have to tell you i enjoy camping a whole lot more knowing i paid cash for the fith wheel and i don't have the cloud over my head with a 1,000.00 coach payment insurance--upkeep etc. so my advise is to enjoy camping and keep it simple---you will have a whole lot more fun-- make your truck work for you.
  8. BarneyS

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    RE: What truck should I buy?

    If you can find a Ford with the 7.3L Power Stoke Diesel from 2000 to early 2003 you will have a great truck. Mine has 195,000 miles on it and runs just like new. It pulls like a horse and is comfortable to drive. It gets in the low 20's mpg when not towing and around 10-13mpg when towing. Just my 2 cents. :)

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