What year-frame or chassis?

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by genel, Feb 15, 2003.

  1. genel

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    In evaluating a preowned vehicle I ran into something different. Vehicle registration and factory list the vehicle as a 2000. Carfax and factory lists the chassis as a 1999 chassis. Factory ( a very reputable manufacturer) indicates the vehicle was built at the beginning of the model year on a previous year's chassis and this is not uncommon. Since chassis' don't change much and assuming this is not uncommon at the beginning of a model year, I tend to think this a minor issue. Any opinions/experiences?
  2. C Nash

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    What year-frame or chassis?

    Minor issue in my oppinion genel. Very common for the vehicle to be built on the previous year chassis. Most are considered to be the year model the rv was finished and ready for the market.
  3. ralphie

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    What year-frame or chassis?

    Very common with RVs. In fact, it's almost guaranteed that the chassis will be at least one model year older than the house.
  4. Kirk

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    What year-frame or chassis?

    There are many motorhomes that are like that. Since the builders buy chassis in large quanities, it is very common for a builder to still be using last year's chassis for at least six months after the chassis year change. A few of us have the reverse situation. I have a 1998 Cruise Master that was built on a 1999 Ford chassis. That happened because I ordered my motorhome in early 1998 with the requirement that it be built on the new V-10 chassis from Ford. Since Ford released the 99 chassis in March of 98, there are a number of 98 model motorhomes by quite a few builders that are on a 99 chassis. My registration is from Texas and it lists both the chassis as a 99 and the coach as a 98 right on the registration and the title.

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