What's best 5th Wheel for Winter full time

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by patt67, May 8, 2010.

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    What is the best RV for winter full time...I'm not sure if I will buy used or new and I heard many of the good winter brands went out of business. I will live in it while stationed at Ellsworth in Rapid City South Dakota. It will just be me except when I have visitors.
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    Re: What's best 5th Wheel for Winter full time

    For the kind of winter that can take place up there you will need one of the very best, and you will need to skirt it as well. There are not many on this list. At the top currently would be the Mobile Suites, and used would be Teton. Teton is no longer being built. Both of these are very heavy RVs and if at all large will require a medium duty truck to tow as no pink-up is big enough.

    New Horizons builds custom and if you buy new you can probably get the extra insulation that will be needed. An absolute must will be dual pane windows and as much insulation as you can get. And it will be very expensive to heat the RV as propane is costing near $3/gallon and you can expect to need at least 15 gallons per week in the colder part of the winter. You will also probably need a good dehumidifier to keep moisture down.

    There are not now, and never have been many RV manufacturers who build RVs to deal with the kind of weather that you can expect there.
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    Re: What's best 5th Wheel for Winter full time

    Carriage models (most) would work for the winter near Ellsworth! They advertise their units as four season ready (with excellent insulation all round plus three flooring levels along with having them heated) and that is one of the reasons we purchased our Carriage unit. Spent late Fall, early Winter just down the road from Rapid City and were pleased while the weather went into the teens.

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