where can i get a speedometer and odometer

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by wilf, Mar 9, 2010.

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    hi anyone know where i can get a new or used speedo and odometer for a 1993 fleetwood coronado a class it has the chevy engine if that helps i sent mine to a company online to have it repaired ,paid $365 and they have absolutely butchered it! they have had it for 8 weeks and got it back today they have used my old speedo and cut out the front plastic to fit in an oddometer they have broken a 1" section of the plastic and you can see all the wires behind the clocks , it even sticks out too far so it wont even fit back in my dash, i would post pics of it on here if i knew how . the company is called speedometer plus in LA in case anyone was thinking of using them, any help appreciated, thanks
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    Re: where can i get a speedometer and odometer

    Have you checked out the new GPS speedometer. not sure if it would fit but might be something to look in to.

    http://www.livorsi.com/catalog/gps.htm Just a thought. ;) :approve: :)


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