which class A to buy?

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    We are retirees wanting to full time. Can't sort the hype from the quality of the manufacturers. Like Newmar in that the bed is a murphy bed that folds into the wall for lots of extra room when not sleeping. Considering Winnebago but they have no models with Murphy beds. :question: :question: :question: :question:
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    RE: which class A to buy?

    I'm not quite sure just what you are looking for? You might be very wise to spend a few dollars and join the RV Consumer Group ( www.rv.org ). They can supply you with a lot of information about RVs and how to rate them for quality, check lists to use when inspectiong an RV and even a CD of ratings of different RVs by make and model. If you have no previous RV experience, this might save you many hours and some serious mistakes.

    Some names that have a good reputation are:
    1. Allegro form Tiffin Ind.
    2. Newmar
    3. National RV
    4. Winnebago/Itasca

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