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  1. Hello to everyone, I hope you are having a great summer. My wife and I are planning to retire and travel the southern USA in the winter and Canada in the summer.Our initial search was for class C's but we quickly realized they are too small.We have narrowed our class A gas search down to the Thor Daybreak.........Georgetown XL.....and the Tiffin Allegro's. I am over 6'3" so I need high ceilings. Any help and advice you have to give would be greatly appreciated as we are brand new to the RV world. Is one of these coach's superior to the others? Thanks for your time..........RV Rookie Ottawa.
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    That is a tough question that I'm sure will bring out some good responses. I don't own either of those three M/H's.

    I know Tiffin has a good reputation for service after the sale. I see alot of Georgetowns in my travels and quite a few are in the campground I snowbird at but I don't know anyone personally that owns one. Can't comment on Thor at all.

    Myself I'm vertically challenged so I know how much interior height will play in your selection. Though not on your list about the heighest ceiling M/H I have ever been in is a Alfa but have read not to favorable press on them. The two Alfas I've been in one owner loved it the other has since traded for a Tiffin Phaeton.

    Hopefully someone with personal knowledge of those particualr M/H's will respond with some good gouge.
  3. Vanole, thanks for your reply,every little bit helps as we know nothing!!!!!!....thanks again
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    Tiifin has a much better reputation for both quality and customer service than Thor.

    However since I have a Winnebago that is obviously the best choice. :distracted:
  5. Clay, I know you would never lie,lol.......thanks for the reply.
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    There a lot of brands out there with good reputations, but it how the RV was cared for. If you give us a budget we can steer you much easier to what WE might think. Also will you be full time or still have a sticks and bricks to come home to

  7. Len,thanks for your reply and good advice.Originally the budget was a used class C...$50,000. But now I have looked at coach's just over $100,000. I have found a Georgetown xl 2013, a few models actually around this number.The lowest Tiffin Allegro 2013 I have found is around$109,000...........I have always bought quality and will search and wait for the better coach at the good price rather than a mid quality coach near full price.....as for full time it may be for a year or two.Thats up in the air but we will definitely be in the coach for months at a time............thanks again
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    There's nothing wrong with the used coach, that someone has taken the biggest hit on depreciation. A one or two-year-old coach will get you a higher end unit. With a lot of options that you might not have been able to afford with the original budget on a new coach. The biggest problem is maintenance for both the coach and the motor, but this can be dealt with when could inspections and looking at the service records. The biggest things are the usable items in a coach such as tires, batteries. Allergo's are an extremely well be built coach, but so are Monaco's, holiday Rambler's, although with older coaches you will not have a warranty but through companies like good Sam you can purchase that. The best bet is to just keep looking and coming back here and asking for advice. Another thing is don't be afraid to travel a couple of thousand miles to get a new coach you will broaden what is available and probably save tens of thousands of dollars.

  9. Len,thanks for all the helpful advice. I think we are going to go with a new coach, but a 2013 model.The savings are quite substantial over a 2014 unit but we still get a new coach warranty.The Allegro's and Georgetown XL's appear to be quality coach's at just over $100,000. If we buy a new 2013 coach our resale in a few years will still be pretty good. As for travelling I have been shocked at the difference in prices between Canada and the USA.Our coach will most likely be purchased in the USA. Thanks again,hope to see you on the road!

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