Which side is better for the dining room?

Discussion in 'Beginning RVing' started by mccannam, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. mccannam

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    Hi all, I'm new here so please be gentle. I looked and searched but couldn't find anything about what side is better for the dining room. Is there a preference? Whenever we would stop we would try and position the unit so that the dining room had the view.

    My wife and I have rented 4 times in the last few years and really enjoy it and are looking for our own unit, probably a class A around 34' long. We've rented twice in Vancouver and twice in Calgary and driven north to Whitehorse via the Cassiar and Alaskan highways.

    Pictures from our last trip are here.


    Many thanks for any ideas.

    cheers, Mark in Montreal
  2. LEN

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    Re: Which side is better for the dining room?


    Boy that is a rough one, Never really thought about it. But I would guess and it is just that, passenger side as it would be the natural side for a view while pulling off. Also many camp grounds have the drive throughs on the right and the backins on the left. But most likely on camp grouds there are as many the other way. An other thing I just though of is the awning might be in the way on lond term camping this way. I guess its what the floor plan you like comes with. With mine its passenger side.

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    Re: Which side is better for the dining room?

    Hi Mark and Welcome..... Great Pictures...Thanks....

    Your question is very interesting....All of the coaches (2) that I have owned have had the dinning table on the drivers side. That is the same side that the electric and sewer hook up is on...and usually, if you are on an end site....I guess the view would be on the passenger side..????

    Although My couch faces the passenger side so I guess I have the best of both worlds.... :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: My new MH has the kitchen on the passenger side and my just loves that part.....Guess It is individual taste that will win out in the end.....

    Good Luck with your adventures.....and Keep those pictures coming.....

    Happy Trails


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    Re: Which side is better for the dining room?

    Our class c had it on the drivers side. Our class a had it on the passenger side. I think I liked the passenger side better because it gives a more open feeling coming in the door. With the plumbing & appliances on the drivers side, I would think that it would balance the weight better that way with way the roads lean to drain off water. jmo.

    Darlin :cool:
  5. mccannam

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    Re: Which side is better for the dining room?

    Thanks for the all the quick replies.

    All the class C's we have rented the dining area has been on the drivers side. As we look at the class A's though, it varies. Even within a manufacturer it can be either side.

    I never thought about the passenger side, but it makes sense, when you pull off for lunch the view will probably be on the passenger side.

    Many thanks, Mark in Montreal

    2005 Vancouver to Inuvik, drop off in Whitehorse
  6. H2H1

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    Re: Which side is better for the dining room?

    hi Mark my dining area is behind the driver . I think it better that way as Darling stated traffic flows better. Plus you get a chance to look out when parked
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    Re: Which side is better for the dining room?

    Well silly me. Roxie and I thought that the only thing that was important was that it was on the "inside"... somebody had to say it. And a big ole Texan welcome to the forum.

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