Which States Are Full Time Friendly

Discussion in 'Full Timing' started by ccreekers, Aug 24, 2004.

  1. ccreekers

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    We have done a lot of research, but are still undecided which state to use as our home base, SD, FL, WYO and WA all have no state income tax, but who is less expensive for the registration and licensing of the truck and 5th wheel? Also other considerations?

    ARCHER Senior Member

    Which States Are Full Time Friendly

    Nevada doesn't have state tax either, I think. Check state web sites under BMV and they may have email/question link to ask your question directly to them. Others may answer that live there.....good luck and welcome to the forum.. ;)
  3. Kirk

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    Which States Are Full Time Friendly

    Texas is one of the most RV frinedly states and in fact they received the first annual award from Good Sam for that fact. And the best thing in Texas for a fulltimer is the (www.escapees.com) Escapees RV Club. They provide not only mail forwarding service, but also 19 parks for members at about $10 per night and a bunch of other services. I suggest that you visit their website and check them out. They also publish the best RV magazine there is.
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    Which States Are Full Time Friendly

    Kirk is right about Escapees. Great organization. I selected FL in general and Pensacola in particular because Good Sam has a great mail operation there and will supply all the forms and info to obtain residency. Plates for my rig and toad, totaled $84/yr and of course there is no sales tax. Check with your insurance carrier to see rates for both states before making your decision. :cool:

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