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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Beeper2013, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. Beeper2013

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    Not sure if this picture attached to this post.

    The window seals between the thermo panes on this Coachman‘s windows are sucked up between the glass. The windows do not leak but it sure does look awful. Is this an easy repair or does the windows need to be replaced? We are looking to buy the coach.

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  2. LEN

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    It's not a hard task but in my opinion costly, don't know if it is much below replacement cost.

  3. C Nash

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    My understanding is the glass can't be seperated because it will let the gas inside them out. I replaced the pane in our HR. You can order just the window pane which is a lot cheaper than replacing the complete window.
  4. Beeper2013

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    Thanks for the info. Where would be a cheap place to buy the window panes? And does anyone know why this would happen? The guy said it was stored in a heated building in winter. Thanks
  5. C Nash

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    You will need to find the MFG of the glass. Should be loated in lower corner of window pane. I am out now but when I return I can give you an address if it same co as mine, Most likely is.

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