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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by JimE, Mar 21, 2009.

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    Good morning everyone. I have an issue with my coach and wanted to see if anyone else has experienced the same thing. On our way home from Florida a few weeks ago we noticed that there is outside air blowing hard through our dash somewhere. I pulled a muscle in my back so I can't get in and mess with it quite yet. When a strong gust of wind hits me the dash actually lifts up, its so strong that the dash heater cant keep up if its cold out. We feel a strong breeze between the doghouse cover and the bottom of the dash. Like I said I have not been able to troubleshoot it yet but hopefully next week I will be in better shape and figured I would see if I could get a head start with some ideas. As my signature shows I drive a 2005 Georgie Boy Pursuit on a workhorse chassis.
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    Re: Windy coach

    Sorry about your back. The cab in my class C allows a fair amount of air to enter it. I have found if I close the dash air vents before turning the engine off, that helps. Riding down the road, though, I don't experience at all what you are describing.
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    RE: Windy coach

    I had a similar problem with a 2000 Coachman Class A. We used to get such a loud whistle that I dove with ear plugs and my wife would ride in the back. Even though it was covered with a warranty, coachman would not touch it. Anyway, the problem was solved by installing a bra across the front. Good luck.
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    RE: Windy coach

    I just wanted to follow up on the windy coach problem I was having. It appears that the dash separated from the fire wall when the screws securing it down broke over time. I drive the coach on some rough roads during deer season so that might have caused it. As usual, Brent at Vogt RV in Fort Worth was able to resecure the dash and seal all joints with foam and undercoating. Just got it back home and its better than when we first bought it which means the problem had probably already started before we purchased it used last year. Just didn't want to leave you all sleepless at night wondering what ever happened to Jim's air leak problem! On the road again..........

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