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    I am loking at a Winnebago, I think it is a Class B. It has a Renault engine. It is a mid 80's with 35,000 miles. It is in excellent condition. It has a little cieling rot above the shower, I believe because of inadequate ventilation, and the cab air conditioning needs to be charged. I think it needs a hot water heater also. I don't know much about these, so I thought I would write here to get some input. Is ther anything I should pay attention to when looking it over? Is $3500.00 a good price? How much would a water heater cost?
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    Hey transrand, $3500 is reasonable if it runs good. Hot water heater shouldn't be too pricey, $500 installed, if you can find one that will interchange with the one in the Winnebago. Check around to see if one is available. The Renault engine is another matter. Can you find parts for it if something goes wrong? Good luck :clown: :laugh: :)
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    Hi transand, The a/c can also be VERY expensive to repair if it has not been converted to 134 freon. Those years were R12 which will cost 40 to 50 dollars a can if you can still find it. Plan on converting to 134. Get some prices from local shops if you cannot do this yourself. The freezone stuff that can be put in can be dangerous. The roof rot is another thing that needs close inspection. Be sure the roof did not leak but, that would be what I would expect. Ck all walls and floors for softness and if you find any more I would pass on this unit. Good luck and keep us posted

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