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    Hi everyone, I am worried because I am moving to my 5th wheel permanently feb. 9th and on that day it will be unwinterized, what do i do to live in my damon challenger full time as far as keeping pipes from freezing , using potty connected to sewer from holding tank, water hose ect.ect. I really dont want any problems but really dont know what to do........30-40's day temperature teens at night is normal weather in Maggie Valley N.C. Any help is appreciated Best Regards Loretta
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    Just as you would do at home. Protect your inlet water line with a covering of the foam water pipe insulation. They make a cover for the water lines and sell it through camper world. As to the sewer lines, it is best to leave your black tank closed and go out and open it every 2 or 4 days. this helps keep from having solids building up in the tank. If you are going to be stationary and not moving, I would suggest installing skirting around the bottom. It will help keep things from freezing as well as help on the utilities to keep things cozy inside.
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    You can also buy electric heated wire to run along the outside water hose and then put the foam water pipe insulation over the top of it. You connect the electic heater wire to your 115V plug on your shore power outlets.
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    There are several areas of concern.

    1) is the water hookup. This has already been addressed.

    2) is the water lines in the trailer. Either they are adequately protected by the design/construction of the trailer, or they are not. If not, the trailer is not appropriate for full timing (or at least not in any freezing climate).

    3) is the storage tanks. If they are enclosed and heated via your trailer heater or a separate heater, then no problem. If they are exposed, either drain them (fresh water, don't need it if you have a water hookup) or apply electric tank heater pads. Actually, the dump piping is of more concern than the tanks themselves, so again, heat tape is good.

    4) is from the trailer to the dump station. Already covered.

    5) is 'external' water concerns. If you have an ice maker, check it's line. Even if all the other lines are protected, this line may be small and right against the external wall, or particularly vulnerable. Any external shower should be investigated to see if it is vulnerable. These are the 2 I know of; there may be more
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    Thanks soooooo much for such helpful info, you are the best, Loretta
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    May I add one more item?

    We have been in Golden, CO -- INUNDATED with more than 60" of snow since addition to consistently sub-freezing and sub-zero temps! The one trick we learned is to keep the water running at night! Leave a small trickle on in the kitchen....warm keep you water heater from freezing up!

    Good Luck!!
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    I am in the market for well insulated new/used trailer.

    Can someone point me to a manufacturer(s) that builds trailers noted for energy efficiency?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hey Andrew, welcome to the forum. Check out Hitchhiker (NUWA), Excel, Travel Supreme, Carriage, Alpenlite (Western Recreation), Titanium, Gulf Stream. :)

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