Winterizing...again and again

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by spearson99, Jun 22, 2009.

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    We just purchased a toy hauler and plan on using it year round to visit biking sites in the SE. The question I have is around the anticipated problem of winterizing during the few cold months that we do have.
    There are nights, Jan/Feb that we will get freezing weather and thus the need to winterize...BUT if we are using the RV every other weekend, I can imagine this to become quite a pain...i.e. in and out of "storage".
    SO, what quick tips does anyone have to essentially winterize quickly and easily, considering we will be heading back out in a week or two during this "cold" season?

  2. LEN

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    Re: Winterizing...again and again

    If the temps do not drop into the low twenties and hold there is no need to winterize, it gets back above freezing during the day. If you can keep heat in the toy hauler in storage no problem. If you need to winterize use a compressor and blow the water out drain the water heater and pour antifreeze in the sinks shower and toilet, you would be suprised how short a time this can take. Look under the rig and see if there are exposed water pipes and get insulation for them. My motor home has gone several days at below freezing and no day time above freezing with no heat and has my sons toyhauler with a small heater inside, but we are gambling just a bit with a bit of experience.

  3. saintanne

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    RE: Winterizing...again and again

    Heat tape... works wonders!

    Takes a little investment of time upfront, but boy, is it nice!

    I suggest locating and wrapping water lines in heat tape and placing a waterbed heating element under your water storage tank (lowest temp possible). Then, just plug in during storage.... When you want to leave, unplug and away you go!

    And yes, the antifreeze IS necessary for the drains. Learned this the hard way!

    Good luck!
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    Re: Winterizing...again and again

    This past winter instead of using antifreeze in my water tank and pumping it through all of the pipes i just bypassed and drained the water heater and used a compressor to blow out the lines the poured a little antifreeze in the sink traps. This was the first year i did it and it was quick and worked fine here in the north east, i think that would be your best bet.

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