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Discussion in 'General RVing' started by JimE, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. JimE

    JimE Senior Member

    Wish us luck folks as the RV gods have been battling us for two weeks. During the ice storm 10 days ago in North Texas I slipped and broke several ribs. I can deal with that, I am still going. Then my son's car broke down which set me back an easy grand. Then my daughter's car broke down and its at the dealership right now and we know what that means. Yesterday the AC went out on my truck and I found out I have to be in court Thursday morning for another matter. Now consider that we are trying to head to Florida for two weeks starting this Thursday I need all of the help I can get!!! Well, wish us luck!!!
  2. H2H1

    H2H1 Senior Member

    Re: Wish us luck

    dang Jim if you didn't have bad luck you wouldn't have any luck at all. Sorry to hear about your fall and hope the ribs are healing ok. They say all things come in 3s, so you got your out of the way :laugh: . so good luck on your trip to FL
  3. elkhartjim

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    Re: Wish us luck

    Hey Jim...maybe you need to crawl under the covers, on second thought under the bed maybe safer. Good luck.
  4. cwishert

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    Re: Wish us luck

    Just remember, half the fun of the trip is all the trials and tribulations that take you to your destination. Hopefully you have been through the rough part and now it will be smooth sailing. Good luck and have fun.
  5. DL Rupper

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    Re: Wish us luck

    Hey Jim, hope your luck changes real quick. :)
  6. JimE

    JimE Senior Member

    RE: Wish us luck

    I appreciate the thoughts and wisdom. Having rode out Ivan, Katrina, Rita, and Ike in a motorhome I know that the adventure was worth it as long as you survive to tell the grandkids!! Violent storms rolling into Texas right now so I have the coach pulled up tight to the house to protect it. Hey I sure hope the house doesnt move!!! I think the advice I received on a previous post is worth dusting off as it was quite profound. Opening the bottle of Jack now!!! Yee ha.
  7. rjf7g

    rjf7g Senior Member

    Re: Wish us luck

    Take care of yourself and your family. The stuff can be replaced.
  8. *scooter*

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    Re: Wish us luck

    Wow, hunker down. :eek: Pray for clear skies, fast healing, and smooth motoring. ;)

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