Wont dump air

Discussion in 'Class A / Diesel Pushers' started by Shorty, Jun 9, 2008.

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    Hey there everyone
    Had to pull out of the cave to play with it outside for a awhile, pulled it back in and went to dump the air, all the system does is click.
    there is a dump button on the leveling box, pushing this button creates a click in the control box under dash.

    While I was moving the RV forward, I did hear a pop , thought it was a small rock getting crushed

    Problem is, now I can't get the air to dump out of the bags. I have checked every fuse that I know of

    Any ideas??

    Getting ready for our trip this summer
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    RE: Wont dump air

    how offten do u drain u'r main air tanks ,, shorty ???? u may have some rust build up in the selenoids that are used to dump u'r air bags ,,, i would try dumping them over and over ,, and see what happens ,, but if nothing ,, then i would look into cleaning out the lines ,, this means taking them off one at a time an blowing them out ,,, but i would start at the dump valve ,, it may just be there only ,, post us back on the outcome ;) :approve:
  3. hertig

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    Re: Wont dump air

    Is there a manual valve (usually to drain moisture which accumulates)? My coach actually has 3 of them. If so, try each and see what happens.

    There are 3 possibilities why you can't dump. 1) the dump signal is not getting to the dump valve, 2) the dump valve is not working or 3) something in the system is clogged, either before the valve or after it.

    Somewhere, there is a conversion of the electrical switch on the dash to a mechanical action (opening a valve). Find this and make sure that the voltage changes appropriately as the switch activates. This will eliminate/confirm the first possibility. If not the problem, then take a line, if any, off the output of the valve and try dumping. This will eliminate/confirm the 'after' part of the 3rd possibility. If the problem still exists, then take a line off the input to the valve (carefully, as it may be under pressure). If the air rushes out, then the valve is a prime candidate, otherwise the system is clogged and needs to be cleaned.

    As Ron says, mights well clean out any line you disconnect while you have it off. If the problem is a clogged line, cleaning all the lines would be prudent.
  4. Shorty

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    Re: Wont dump air

    Figured out what it was.
    There in ANOTHER blade fuse(40 amp) next to the pump. Was melted. Replaced it with a breaker. Motor seems to make a rough noise sometimes for 2-3 seconds and that's when it's pulling alot of power(gets pretty warm)

    Called the company for the leveling system, but they were busy with all the rain in Iowa, so I'll limp by this next trip and fix it later.
  5. H2H1

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    Re: Wont dump air

    Shorty glad you found your problem and fixed it. don't forget the get those leveling jacks as quick as you can ;)

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