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    :question: How many of you out there are workcamp to help with the cost of full timing. What kind of jobs are out there,what pay to expect,hours worked and how hard is it to find work for short periods . Sounds like a great way to see the county for a year or so. What are the problems with workcamping ,what are the pluses. always wanted to kinda bum around awhile. I have worked 6 and 7 days a week for years time to make a career change but with some time off first!
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    We have been work-campers for most of our time for the past 5 years. But we don't do the paid position as we don't care to do some of the things that those jobs frequently involve. What we do is to volunteer for an RV site in public and non-profit organizations. The free site, and frequently other amenities really go a long way to lower the cost of living and we love what we do. We look for positions that are located in areas that we wish to visit, and where we can learn new things and have new experiences. We have been campground hosts, but we do much more than that. We have no interest in a commercial RV park because we just don't enjoy living in mobile cities. Most of our positions are located where there are eight or fewer RVs. If you are interested, I would invite you to check out where we have been and what we have done at the web site in my signature. We are presently in our 16th volunteer position in our 10th state to do this.
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    Hey slow-canoe, we were campground hosts in Capitol Reef Nat'l Park. It was a grest experience :laugh: :cool: :) . The best part of Nat'l Parks is that they have full time maintainance personnel that do the restrooms, and other less desireable tasks :approve: . We actually worked for the Park Ranger side of the Park Service. We patrolled the campground to ensure the campers were registering, assisted with problems and kept track how many sites were available throughout the day :laugh: . We worked 4 days(24hrs)on 3 days off. We got full hookups and propane :clown: . They got volunteer help. The Park Service usually requires a 60 day commitment. Try contacting the indivdual Nat'L Parks on the Internet. It is faster. We left a hand written application after visitng Capitol Reef, but it took 2 years before they contacted us. Happy Workcamping :) :laugh: :cool:

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