Workhorse steering/suspension

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by wal, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. wal

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    I am considering purchasing a MH with a Workhorse chassis and engine. (W24)However, I have heard the comment that the Workhorse handles poorly and the suspension is in need of modification like air bags etc.

    Any thoughts before I make a purchase?
  2. s.harrington

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    Re: Workhorse steering/suspension

    I haven't heard anything about the new chassis but the old ones held up pretty good. The main thing is to get a chassis with the proper weight bearing capacity to handle the load. Always find out what the dry weight and gvw are prior to buying This will let you know what your load capacity is(people, clothes, dishes, ect.) Remember if you are going to full time it you will need 3000lbs load capacity minimum. 5000lbs even better because you will find things you want or have to have along the way
  3. wal

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    Re: Workhorse steering/suspension

    Thanks for the information you gave in your note. Since I first posted my note I have had several comments from other sources that the big problem is steering. One has said he can drive all day in a diesel pusher and not feel fatigued whereas the Workhorse is exhausting. Another comment was that the WH "swims". Some have installed air bags and a "center steer bar" (?) to help correct the handling but this made very little difference.

    I now have a DP but it is 10 years old and would like to move up. The investment in a Pusher may be necessary if I want to retain the ride and handling. Was hoping the gas model would be comparable other than the noise up front.

    Will probably take a WH for a couple of days to see for myself before making a purchase.

    Thanks again for your info.

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