Workhorse W22 Fan Noise

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by Jerry Bowers, May 2, 2005.

  1. Jerry Bowers

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    I have a new RV with about 2500 miles. Sometimes there is a noise like the transmission is slipping, but the RPMs do not show an increase. This has happened going down the road but seems to happen more when taking off from a stand still.
    I read in the manual, that if you hear this, it is not the transmission slipping but is the electric fans kicking on. I do not think it has been hot enough so far this season to have the fans kicking and one time within ten minutes of starting my drive. The temp gauge is not showing that the motor is heating up. It is a 05 Challenger with the W22 Workhourse chassis. 8.1L with Allison. Anyone else experience this, or should I ask Workhorse? Sure is noisy.
  2. Bush70

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    Workhorse W22 Fan Noise

    Make sure the heater controls are not in the defrost or a/c position. When they are the fan will cycle. That is probably what it is. Good luck!!
  3. "007"

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    Workhorse W22 Fan Noise

    Jerry, What you are experiencing is normal, while you are stopped in traffic or at stop lite, engine will heat up an as soon as you move your two fans will come on to cool coolent down. You will not see needle move above 1/2 on gage, only when there is a over heat problem. You will also get this same condition pulling a grade, or after going down the grade. :) ---"007" NEWMAR 03 W-22 BILSTIENS

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