Year model of camper in question

Discussion in 'General RVing' started by rjann, Aug 22, 2007.

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    Has anyone else had the experience of buying a used camper that is said to be a 2002 but the Forienrd turns out to be a 2001? I have a friend who bought a 2005 but the Ford turned out to be a 2004. So that's two of us.

    I guess the camper was built later than the Ford, but my question is: Is this ok? Should dealers advertise the age of the camper of the age of the Ford? What are we to expect? It seems to me that the least theycould do is state the age of each.

    Any thoughts?

    one who has been fooled many times by camper dealers
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    Re: Year model of camper in question

    This is the norm. Many chassis are at the builders and when the coach is made they use what they have left first. Every one that I have had has been that way. The chassis is older than the coach. Just be carefull ordering parts for the chassis. Sometimes it does make a differance. Other than that the year the coach was put on the chassis is the yearof the vech. Good Luck
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    Re: Year model of camper in question

    The 10th digit in the VIN number is the year of build.

    Yes, it is fairly common for the vehicle to be a year older than the body on it. All depends on the time of year it all comes together.

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