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    New England Camping - reservations necessary?

    Will be traveling to New England states mid-June through early July. First time camping trip to that region. Want flexibility to move about without being tied to a location. How difficult is it to find campsites- state parks, national parks, private parks - without a reservation? I've typically...
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    How Do Monthly Payments Work for RV Parks?

    My mom and I are thinking about RVing in the future (with an RV already in mind) and we'd like some information on how the monthly payments work for the parks. We know the parks require a deposit to hold the space at least 2 months in advance, but what if we don't know what the park looks like...
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    Touring the Maritimes with no campsite reservation..possible?

    My wife and I are planning a tour of the Maritime provinces this next August 2016. Would like to do it stressless, no reservations anywhere. Is this possible during the peak season? We plan to travel from 9 Am till 2 PM each day. Are we bound to have difficulties finding an RV site (a small...