02 endeavor diesel pusher problem

hey guys i work at a rv dealer and i've ran into a problem with a rv on the lot. its a 02 diesel endeavor by holiday rambler and the problem im having with it is that im not getting any power off the key when its turned. i have power to the generator and the chassis batteries are charged. i've checked the fuse panel that i've found and all fuses are good. haven't replaced any relays yet but just trying to figure this out the cheapest way possible. i know the common thing to say is well put it into the shop, well the dealer i work at the shop charges then 65hr and they'd rather pay me to fix it since they only pay me 8hr. any help is appreciated. also to mention just the other day i tried starting it and it cranked and cranked and cranked but would turn over. then i go back later in the day and nothing? if u need more info i can post more info
02 endeavor diesel pusher problem

Lets start from the top. You originally had power to the ignition switch so that when you turned it to start it turned the engine over, if this is correct and now you turn the switch to th start position and now it does not do anything.

First what engine is in this rv, and when was the last time it was started and ran. The reason I am asking this seemingly silly question is that generally if a diesel can turn over at a cranking speed it will normally start unless it is very cold and then you need to use your preheaters.

Need more info please :question: .
02 endeavor diesel pusher problem

last time it was started was last friday. engine im not sure about but can find out when i go back to work monday. and yes what u said so far in the beginning is correct.
02 endeavor diesel pusher problem

Check to see if you have power on the wire going to the solenoid (when key is in start position). First check to see if you have it at the switch. Then check at the solenoid. If you have it both places and the starter isn't even trying, the solenoid is bad. If you have it at the switch but not at the solenoid then I would look for a fusible link in the wire. Look for burnt or overheated insulation near the solenoid. And lastly if you don't have power on the wire at the switch when you turn the key to start then it sounds like a bad switch (all this assumes you have constant power to the switch).
02 endeavor diesel pusher problem