03 tahoe z71 tow capacity


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Hey guys and gals have question. We have a 2020 fr3 33ds we love it been in it for almost 7 months. Easy to drive. Driven fire trucks ( strykers) 5 tons and several other big vehicle. Question i have is . We are wanting to sell it and buy a pull behind. my son is 10 and really think he should have a separate bedroom so he can play in and just relax and have him time. And me and the wife can stay in the living room when he goes to bed lol. Can my tahoe pull something with a dry weight of 6875. Or should i just sell it and buy a 2500. Have found several true 2 bedroom rvs but they all are borderline of my tahoe max. If 2500 pull behind or get 5th wheel setup? i know its a broad question just hoping for some direction