04 6.0 deisel

I have a banks kit on my truck an i smelt antifrezze and took it in and they said it was a radator cap. So they replaced it. Two weeks later i took it back and they tested it for a head leek. It was a head gasget leak they said the parts would not be in for a week and i could drive it. Parts came i and they relaced them. I had it two days and still smelt it leaking so they said it would be two weeks befor they could get it in the shop. I tool it in and they said the heads and block were pitted and they were not going to cover it under the warrenty. They covered it eh first time what would cause a head to pit? They tested the boost psi the first time they did the head job and said it was fine. They said the banks kit did it i think that is bs They were two other trucks in the shop for head gasget pronlems. What would cause a head to pit? Can you drive a truck with a head gasget leak? I think they said the leak was external.

04 6.0 deisel

To me, sounds like they are trying to push it off. They should have inspected the heads and block the first time, it won't pit in only two weeks. One thing I ran into in FL, was the issue of using distilled water in the cooling system. Lots of damage to vehicles that didn't.

04 6.0 deisel

The only thing that I know of that would cause pitting in that short of time would have to be something with a low ph or (acidic).

There is only one other thing that would caouse pitting in a relative hurry would be electrolysis. On alumunium it would be rather quick but on cast iron it would take a while.

I agree with Vfox find another dealer or contact a district customer service office with a complaint.
04 6.0 deisel

I have an 04 6.0 f350 dually. Have been losing coolent for the reservoir when towing or under load. I also have a BANKS SIX PACK W/SPEEDLOADER installed. Took it to the FORD STORE and they said I had a bad head gasket. SAID IT WAS BECAUSE OF THE BANKS, therefore not covered under warranty - $2400 fix/my pocket. BANKS says ford has had trouble on other trucks w/o the BANKS SYSTEM. Outcome not over yet.